Fillies and Colts
One of the most exciting times of being a breeder of miniature horses is seeing that newborn foal.  Of course, at first you hope that it is a vigorous and healthy foal, and then you begin to think of its potential for your farm and the miniature horse industry.  At Crosswinds Farm, we have enjoyed fine crops of foals that we value enough to show ourselves and to sell to other miniature horse breeders and enthusiasts.  We very much enjoy supporting and working with our clients after they have purchased a Crosswinds horse.

Our current crop of young stock includes some really good prospects and some rather unusual color and size attributes.  Great care is given to the selection of the best match that we can achieve between mares and stallions.  We strive to strengthen our gene pool by occasionally breeding a few Crosswinds mares to outside stallions.  Our current foal crop is from our own stallions, who are from well known and outstanding bloodlines in the miniature horse world.  Our foals are well cared for in small groups to ensure proper growth and development; and they are observed, handled, and given individual attention on a daily basis. Shown below are a few candid photos of some of our foals. We welcome inquiries about these and others. 






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